New Wolfman Pikes Peak luggage plates make saddlebags more convenient

Got Wolfman soft luggage? The new Wolfman Pikes Peak system should make the company’s rack-mounted saddlebags a lot more convenient.

The “soft vs. hard” luggage debate has raged in adventure riding circles for years; some people swear by the security of hard panniers, others like the safety of soft bags, as they’re a lot less likely to crush your leg in an off-road tumble.

But whichever option you go for, one thing is undeniable: hard bags are almost always easier to remove. Street-only systems tend to be simpler, but ADV-safe systems, like the ones Wolfman sells, often require a complicated strap system that’s a pain in the neck at the end of the day, if you want to remove your saddlebags. Once you use them a few times, it’s not a big deal, but for infrequent travelers, the five- or six-strap systems are a hassle every time you take off the luggage.

The new Pikes System gets around that by giving you a quick-release plate which attaches to a luggage rack. You then attach your saddlebag to this plate, meaning your bags are secure, yet quick to remove. You’ve got the convenience of hard luggage combined with the safety of soft luggage.

The Pikes Peak system will interface with many aftermarket luggage racks, including Touratech, Pro-Cycle, Tusk, Givi, and many more. The website does not indicate whether the plates are compatible with any other types of saddlebags, besides Wolfman’s; judging by the photos, it seems some bags could probably be jury-rigged, but it might not work that well.

Along with convenience, the Pikes Peak system adds two other things to your duallie. The first is weight; thankfully, Wolfman made this system out of aluminum, so weight is minimal. However, many dual sport riders go with soft luggage for weight savings, so factor that in.

The other thing it adds is price. Right now, the system is sold out on Wolfman’s site, but it’s priced at $324.99 US without the bags. That’s a lot of money, and not likely to appeal to the legendarily frugal KLR cult. However, Wolfman is well-known for making bombproof equipment, so if you buy it, you can at least expect the Pikes Peak plate system to last.

4 thoughts on “New Wolfman Pikes Peak luggage plates make saddlebags more convenient”

    1. Hey, as a DR650 owner, I guess I am a spendthrift, risen from my humble Prince Edward Island roots. I’ll really look like a baller if I ever get that DR-Z400.

        1. I know, right?

          I previously did a build on my DR650 with parts I found on their site (went to their suppliers myself). This current build I’m on is the same.

          When I bought mine about 7 years ago, there was barely anything on the aftermarket. Now, I dare say it’s the best-supported dual sport in the world. And it’s super-affordable in Canada too. I know I will kick myself in a few years for not buying a new one when they’re so well priced.

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