New app from Sena allows intercom connection over any distance

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Sena has introduced a new smartphone app that allows riders to connect with other motorcyclists anywhere, instead of being limited to radio range.

While usable range of helmet intercoms has increased in the past few years, the devices are still limited by distance and other interference. The new RideConnected app gets around that by connecting your Sena headset to the phone, and then broadcasting over a mobile data connection.

Essentially, Sena has created a social network that uses its headsets as its interface, and as long as you have an LTE data signal, you can connect.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this. The LTE connection should be more stable than the previous radio communication systems, but it also means a rider is using up mobile data, which costs money; there were no ongoing costs with the old system. The app will allow users to stay in contact with other riders no matter how far away they are — say, they’re trying to join a ride in progress from miles away. However, ever since headsets gained Bluetooth integration, that feature has been existent in some form or another, if a rider connects to their smartphone. But if this system offers more ease of use, it may prove to be quite popular. It does offer the potential to be connected to as many riders as possible, which could be a big benefit for group rides.

See Sena’s official press release, with more details, below. There’s also more information on the website here.


The RideConnected App is the first of many free added benefits exclusively for Sena Bluetooth users

IRVINE, Calif. (December 6, 2016)Sena Technologies, Inc., the global leader in Bluetooth innovation for the motorsports, action sports and outdoor sports lifestyles, has announced today the release of the RideConnected App. The new RideConnected App for motorcycle riding will connect multiple riders all over the world through their Sena Bluetooth headsets. Riders may now connect with more riders than ever before through any Sena Bluetooth headset with the RideConnected App.

The RideConnected motorcycle communication App, created for both iOS and Android phones, will be available for free in the iTunes and Google Play Stores. Not only will riders no longer be limited by range, the amount intercom connections between riders are virtually limitless as well within LTE range of their mobile carrier. Compatible with all Sena Bluetooth headsets, the RideConnected App offers more freedom than ever before. As long as you are connected to WiFi, or a mobile network, you may now communicate over any distance, and with more riders than ever before.

Set up your own personal profile and navigate through the features of the RideConnected App with ease. Simply create different teams, and invite friends to create their own profile on the App through SMS message, GPS, or by providing them with your unique four-digit code. Users may also use the existing voice prompts of their Sena Bluetooth 4.1 headsets to operate the RideConnected App.

The App will be the first of many added benefits designed specifically for Sena users. Sena is always looking for ways to benefit its loyal community of riders, and improve upon communication and connectivity. The RideConnected App for motorcycle and cycling communication is Sena’s solution to sticky communication situations while on the road. Riders will no longer be limited by a certain distance or amount of connections, as long as you have cellular data that you can be in touch with.

About Sena Technologies, Inc.

Sena Technologies, Inc. is the global leader in Bluetooth Communication solutions for the motorsports, action sports and industrial markets. Since developing its flagship product the SMH10, Sena has developed the most cutting-edge technological designs, which have expanded into all areas of the motorcycle industry and beyond. Sena currently offers products worldwide through its global network of distributors, retailers and OEM partners.

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  1. I’ll wait till the combo radio and LTE version comes out that combines both technologies and works in both cell coverage areas and remote areas.

  2. So now we not only have to worry about distracted cage drivers, we add distracted motorcyclists to the mix as well. And this is a good thing?

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