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Watch a Honda Grom wheelie for two kilometres!

If you had the key to a Honda Grom what would you do with it? How about, wheelie it for over a mile?

We’ve already told you the Grom is the world’s smallest hooligan bike, but this YouTuber proves it once again, taking his minibike on a wheelie that lasts more than two kilometres.

Alas, a stop light ends the madness, or we could be looking at a wheelie that lasts three kilometres, or even longer? When you’re on a machine with this much mild madness on tap, there are no limits. No sane ones, anyway.

9 thoughts on “Watch a Honda Grom wheelie for two kilometres!”

    1. Perfect combo, Grom to play, a cruiser to ride and relax.
      Im thinking of buying a cruiser as soon as the Grom is payed off. That new Rebel 500 looks like a little beast easy to mod.
      Love your VTX, looks great 😊

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