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Triumph is working on something new: Maybe a Street Triple?

Yesterday, Triumph dropped a video on their YouTube channel that promised a new bike — a “game changer.” But what is it?

Some are speculating it’s a refresh of the Street Triple model. Maybe so, but their promo copy promises a game-changing machine that “simply tears up the rulebook and sets the new benchmark for power, weight, handling and looks.”

We’re pretty sure the current model doesn’t come close to that, but if Triumph plans to significantly upgrade their middleweight triple, well, we would be very interested to see what that machine looked like, especially since that category has seen such stiff competition lately.

Whatever it is, it’s definitely not the same bike that was spotted in this set of spy shots back in November, as that machine had big googly headlights and was based around Triumph’s parallel twin design.

Triumph says the new bike will be launched on Jan. 10, 7 PM EST.

4 thoughts on “Triumph is working on something new: Maybe a Street Triple?”

    1. Past experience has shown those digi-pods tend to cram too much information into too little a space, plus they can be difficult to see in sunlight.

      Plus I love the current gen’s analogue tach. There’s just something gratifying about seeing a proper needle swinging rapidly ’round clockwise.

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