Dealernews is back

Industry-to-industry publication Dealernews will be back in business in 2017, after closing about one year ago.

While Dealernews was mostly aimed at industry insiders, their website had helpful information for motorcycle riders of all stripes. The magazine had been in business for 50 years before the announcement of closure came last December. At the time, it was published by UBM Advanstar, the same outfit that ran the DealerExpo show (mostly out of Indianapolis) for years. It was online-only at the time of its closure.

Now, Dealernews is under new ownership, although many of the faces at the magazine will be the same. President Bob Althoff says the revived publication will be “of, by, and for the dealer,” although the public may access it with a paid subscription. Presumably, publication will continue through the website for now, as we were unable to find any conspicuous mention of a return to physical print copies.

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