Avon debuts new Trekrider dual sport tires

Avon is bringing the new Trekrider line of dual sport tires to the market in 2017.

Dual sport enthusiasts love arguing about the respective benefits of tires almost as much as they love arguing about oil, and the question with new tires is always “Where do they fit?”

Avon rates these as 50/50 tires, for balanced dual sport riding. Visually, they lack the bite of a more off-road tire like Dunlop’s D606, but they do look like they should offer reasonable grip in the slippy bits, particularly if Avon’s chosen the right rubber compound.

Four different rear tire sizes and two different front tire sizes will be available in the new year. The Trekriders were tested on Triumphs, BMWs, and Yamahas, so we’d guess they’ll be available in sizes for big bikes first.

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