Bean’re planning coast-to-coast minibike run

Last time we told you about Kevin Bean’re, he was attempting a record-breaking ride to Sturgis aboard a minibike. Now, he’s back for more madness.

You may know Bean’re from his books, or you might have seen him at Wharf Rat or another big bike rally — the dude gets around, as you can tell from his website. But that doesn’t matter; what does matter, is his crazy plan. Not content with his previous 12,365-km minibike record, Bean’re is now planning to ride coast-to-coast across the US.

The plan is simple, but mad: Bean’re and his friend Tim Ford plan to ride minibikes from Daytona, Florida, to San Diego, California, leaving the day after Bike Week. Obviously, the timing may introduce some weather-related challenges added on top of the 4,500+ kms distance. To make it even more difficult, they’re doing the run with no chase vehicle, and setting a three-week time limit.

And no, they’re not both riding the same bike. Bean’re and Ford will both be riding stock Yamaha minibikes (obviously not the bike pictured), which should give them the reliability they need to get the job done. In the past, Bean’re’s attempts have been hit hard by reliability issues on oddball minibikes; the first time he attempted a record run on a minibike, he used an NSU-powered 44-year-old 50cc Lube.

As part of the trip, Bean’re is raising money for the Aidan Jack Seegar Foundation, which raises awareness for ALD newborn screening.

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