BMW Motorrad opens parts supply to independent shops

BMW Motorrad has announced its plan to sell parts on partslink24, opening up its supply chain to independent shops.

Partslink24 is best-known for its parts delivery to independent auto garages, with partnerships with several Euro manufacturers, allowing customers to get their cars serviced by local mechanics outside the dealership supply chain. In a country like Canada, where dealers for upscale European auto manufacturers can be few and far between, the advantage of a site like this is immediately obvious.

Now, BMW’s motorcycle arm is working with the site, to deliver parts to independent shops. Again, the advantage is obvious: Mechanics outside the dealership chain can now access the parts they need. Considering the rarity of BMW dealers in rural Canada, this is good news for many Beemerphiles, if the service is available here.

According to BMW Motorrad, it’s the first motorcycle company to sell parts on partslink24. Now, customers can order parts for models as far back as 1948 on the site; the parts diagrams are simplified versions of BMW’s existing system, and orders places with partslink24 will be fulfilled by the existing dealer chain, which should keep them happy.

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