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BeIN Sports will air On Two Wheels

Motorcyclists of the digital age might have heard of a little show called On Two Wheels, put together by Zac Courts and Ari Henning of Motorcyclist. Well, that little show is growing up now, making the jump to BeIN Sports.

In case you forgot, BeIN Sports is also the channel that broadcasts MotoGP, World Superbike, and MotoAmerica (AMA roadracing).

In a world where most people think “television show about motorcycles” means “television show about ‘roided-up dudes building ill-handling choppers,” or “television show about slimy biker gangs whose only redeeming quality is a love for children,” BeIN Sports offers a breath of fresh air. In recent years, it was getting harder and harder to find roadracing on television, and BeIN stepped up.

It seems the move to broadcast motorcycle racing must have been a profitable one, if BeIN is now looking at Courts and Henning’s show, which was originally optimized for online viewership and not cut into neat little 23-minute pieces for TV. So for all those of you who signed up for BeIN Sports when it brought in roadracing content, good for you — your investment is paying off.

This announcement is just one more change for Courts and Henning, as Motorcyclist recently announced a move to six issues a year, from 12, as well as the departure of big boss Marc Cook. Courts and Henning are now running the show over there, as the mag changes to a different format with bigger pages, becoming more of a boutique mag, from the sound of it. The times are certainly a’changin’ for the motorcycle magazines collected by Bonnier; once cut-throat competitors, publications like Cycle World, Hot Bike, Sport Rider et al. are now collaborating, while their parent company also dabbles in the world of PR for the motorcycle industry.

On Two Wheels will air Tuesday nights on BeIN Sports starting at 7:30 PM EST.

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