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The KTM RC16 should be here in 2018

The KTM RC16 superbike should be available to customers by 2018, says company CEO Stefan Pierer.

Pierer told Speedweek (we noted the information on Asphalt & Rubber) the hot new track-only superbike is expected to be available to consumers after next season, although the version they buy will be detuned from MotoGP-spec — think 240 hp, not 270 hp.

Pricing is expected to be lower than the Honda RC213V-S,  in the €100,000 – €120,000 range (roughly $140,000 – $170,000 Cdn.). That’s still more than the high-tuned offerings from Spirit, which would be in roughly the €95,000 Euro range, but you’re getting a MotoGP-derived bike, not a Moto2-level bike, with maybe 60 hp more on tap.

Will it come to Canada? Don’t hold your breath. As a competition-only machine, import procedures may be simplified, but it’s usually an extra wait for any KTM products to make it to our market. And given the state of Canadian roadracing at the moment, it’s hard to see many potential customers for a track-only bike. But who knows? Maybe KTM will pursue roadracing as hard as it chases offroad titles, and in a few years, maybe we’ll see one of these in CSBK?

But we won’t hold out hope. With total production said to be limited to about 100 units, most of those bikes will probably end up in markets with more interest in track days.

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