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Justice, or jerk move?

The title pretty much says it all: Depending on your viewpoint, this is a total jerk move, or a heaping plateful of sweet, sweet, justice.

It’s simple: cager cuts off motorcyclist, while at the same time losing his wallet, which had been left on top of the car and fell into the road. When the rider tries to give him back his wallet, he’s rewarded with the middle finger. After finally succeeding returning the wallet, the rider then gets his revenge by grabbing the phone off the roof and dropping it in the roadway.

Is that fair, or is it a low blow? Or, as some viewers suggest, do you think the whole video was staged to start with?

2 thoughts on “Justice, or jerk move?”

  1. Could be staged, could be not. If not, I’d say there’s some jerkage all around. Driver for pulling out unnecessarily close to the rider, and for giving the rider the finger. Still, if you’re going to be nice and return someone’s wallet like this, why f!#$ with them after they’re saying “thanks so much, mate” (or whatever)?

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