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EICMA: Ducati Monster 1200 sees tweaks

Today at the Italian EICMA show, Ducati announced a host of changes to the Monster 1200 lineup.

First off, both the Monster 1200 and Monster 1200 S will make more power next year. The standard model jumps 15 hp and the S model has risen by 5 hp — both make 150 hp now. The changes are partly due to a new exhaust and throttle bodies (thank Euro4 emissions regulations for that).

The bikes have different suspension, with the base model using Kayaba front forks and Sachs rear shock (both adjustable), while the 1200 S uses Ohlins fork and shocks (fully adjustable). The S model also comes with Y-shaped cast wheels, and weighs 2 kg less than the standard Monster 1200 with its beefier 10-spoke wheels. The Monster 1200 S also has different paint schemes available, better brakes (both models have Brembo brakes, but the S has upgraded calipers).

Ducati's Monster 1200 S now has 150 hp and fully-adjustable Ohlins suspension.
Ducati’s Monster 1200 S now has 150 hp and fully-adjustable Ohlins suspension.

The 1200 S also has an up/down quickshifter as standard. A daytime running light is also standard on the S model, as is a carbon-fibre mudguard.

Both bikes now feature an Inertial Measurement Unit, which allows Ducati to include traction control, wheelie control, and cornering ABS, all of which would probably bring a shudder to the back street heroes who originally invented the naked bike genre that inspired the monster.

Bodywork has been restyled for 2017, with a return to the Monster line’s raw roots.

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