Worms to Catch: Another book from Guy Martin

If you’re looking for a new book, Guy Martin might have what you need, with his latest read hitting the market.

The book, titled Worms to Catch, is available on Amazon’s UK site, but it seems physical copies aren’t available through the North American sites yet. No worries — you can order it from overseas if you really want it, or order the Kindle edition.

Worms to Catch details Martin’s adventures since his big crash in 2015 that led him to take a break from roadracing. In the time since he’s:

  • Tried to set a motorcycle land speed record
  • Set a speed record for the Wall of Death
  • Taken a chopper flat track racing
  • Competed in a 4400-km bicycle race along the Rockies.

And that’s not all! It seems a break means something different to Mr. Martin than it does to the rest of us …

Find more details on Martin’s latest book here.

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