Man jumps US-Canadian border on motorcycle, lands in jail

BC RCMP say they’ve arrested a man after he used a motorcycle to jump the US-Canadian border near Langley.

The whole story is very convoluted; police say the suspect (who was previously known to them) pulled the stunt aboard a motorcycle he stole in Abbotsford, with a licence plate stolen from Surrey, says the Bellingham Herald. After he made the jump across the border, police chased him with a helicopter, lost him when he entered a mall, then found him later when he returned to his residence.

Why pull off such a dumb stunt? Was it for the lolz? An escape from police? A Steve McQueen tribute? Will the legend of the BC Speeder be replaced with the legend of the BC Stunter? Stay tuned, we’re sure this one isn’t over yet …

5 thoughts on “Man jumps US-Canadian border on motorcycle, lands in jail”

  1. Wrong story link to the Bellingham Herald. I assume he jumped from Canada into the US, but it’s a little unclear. I’ve often thought that would be fun to do. But you need an accomplice to set up a ramp on either side. then jump over, then turn around and jump back home. Although in Abbotsford, you would cross the border if your bike tipped over in the soft gravel shoulder of 0 Avenue.

    1. If you’re on Zero Avenue in Whiterock simply pulling into a driveway on the other side of the road puts you in the US. I wouldn’t recommend it, though.

  2. My wife was in this mall when this doofus was there. They locked the mall down after he dumped the trashed bike outside. He got out while they were in the process of closing everything up.
    No, it wasn’t me.

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