Report: Alpinestars working on off-road Tech-Air system

According to Visordown, Alpinestars is working on an off-road version of their Tech-Air protection system.

Alpinestars’ Tech-Air system has revolutionized safety on the track and street, by providing a self-contained airbag system that protects a rider’s back, shoulders, and chest areas. There have been other systems that provide airbag protection, but Alpinestars’ system requires no tether to the bike or other external trigger mechanism.

Obviously, an upgraded protection system would be beneficial to offroad riders as well, particularly in high-risk racing events such as supercross or rally raids. Yet Alpinestars’ website states that, for now: “The system is tested and developed for a wide range of riding scenarios and is capable of handling tough off-road adventuring touring situations. At this stage we are recommending that it is not adopted for use for off road riding with full off-road (knobby) tires. The system is not designed for motocross, rally-raiding and supermoto …

But, if Visordown is right, that will change soon.

Supercross and motocross racers would likely be the first to sign up for the new system, if created, but the biggest beneficiaries would probably be Dakar racers. A system like this could mean the difference between crashing out and staying in the race.

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