Motorcycle Cannonball update

Just in case you’re wondering, the Motorcycle Cannonball (a cross-continental rally ride on 100-year-old bikes) is now on Stage Eight, and a Canadian is in the running to finish first, sort of.

Right now, Canadian Byrne Bramwell is tied with 21 other riders for first overall. He’s riding a 1913 Henderson and has put in 1754 miles so far. But that will change as the ride goes on — the Cannonball has a very high attrition rate, and as the days rack up, competitors will start to slip back.

Find the full list of competitors and points as of Stage Eight here. Scott Blaylock (Indian) and Perry Ruiter (Excelsior), the other Canadians involved, are further back on the list, in 76th and 86th respectively.

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