Miguel Duhamel

Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame inductees announced

The Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame has announced its inductees for 2016.

In February, 11 people will be inducted into the hall at a banquet on February 25 (at the airport Sheraton in Montreal). Tickets will be available at the museum’s website (www.canmoto.ca) soon .

This is the eleventh induction for the Hall. This year’s inductees include

  • Mr. Leo Bouchard, contributor class
  • Mr. Miguel Duhamel, competitor class
  • Mr. Buddy Ford, Sr., competitor class
  • Mr. Serge Huard,  contributor class
  • Mr. Peter Hurst, competitor class
  • Mr. Gary McKinnon, competitor class
  • Mr. Carlo Paladino, contributor class
  • Mr. Pascal Picotte, competitor class
  • Mr. Carl Vaillancourt, competitor class
  • Mr. Jack Canfield, contributor class
  • Mr. Bruce Hickey, competitor class

Tickets for the banquet will be available soon at www.canmoto.ca.

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