Wrap-up report from Michael Taylor

It was big news when Michael Taylor returned to the Canadian Superbike series this year, but the season ended on a downer, with a bad crack-up at the Mosport double-header.

Taylor put together a wrap-up report for the CSBK webpage with some details on his crash. Find the details, including some background on his bike build for the season, here. He’s definitely banged up — shattered tibia and fibula, stitches on his chin, and pulled muscles.

The former CSBK champion ended with these words, which sound an awful lot like another retirement announcement:

I appreciate the chance to try again. I love racing motorcycles so very much, and Triumph and GP Bikes made that happen this year.  Special thanks to Mr. Metal, Goderich Toyota, Z1 Cycle, Gord Bush Performance, Motovan, and Hindle … Thanks for following my team this year. My future is likely not more of the same, but I will write again sometime.

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