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Trio plans Alaska-Argentina trip by electric motorcycle

If you live along the well-traveled trail between Alaska and Argentina (BC and Alberta, take notice), keep an eye out for a trio of riders headed your way very soon. You’ll have to watch closely, because you won’t hear them coming.

That’s because Danell Lynn (who already holds a Guinness record), JC Davis, and Greg Smith are planning their 40,000-km tip-to-tip ride on electric motorcycles showing off green technology, but also having some fun while they do it.

How? Good question. Presumably, they’ll find power in most corners of the world, but it seems they also have a support team which may become essential at some points. Their bikes are custom-built; they’re using a KTM950 chassis combined with oil-cooled AC electric motor. They figure they have a 300-mile range with this setup.

Find out more about the Expedition Electric trip at their website here, and follow them on Facebook here. Their route is on their website here; they’re looking to meet local riders along the way, so check in and see if that’s a possibility!

One thought on “Trio plans Alaska-Argentina trip by electric motorcycle”

  1. I asked a gov’t rep who came to my work to promote the coming Ontario gov’t green car incentives about motorcycles. There was nothing to offer, no plans, zilch. I imagine no electric motorcycle manufacture really cares about Canada at this point anyway.

    AND wow the MSRP of a zero motorcycle… O U C H!

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