SPOT Beyond All Boundaries award announced for Fundy Adventure Rally

Globalstar, the parent company of the SPOT emergency response devices used for safety at the Fundy Adventure Rally, is sponsoring a new award for this year’s event.

The SPOT – Beyond All Boundaries award is for a team that demonstrates the spirit of adventure riding by overcoming challenges and rising above them, by contributing to the rally, and using their rally-provided SPOT’s “Check-In” button at least once during the event to indicate the team is okay. You can find more details about the award here.

Members of the winning team will all receive a SPOT Trace Theft Alert Tracking Device valued at $119.99, plus one year of service valued at $99.99. This is very similar technology to the SPOT trackers used at the rally, but these devices are used for anti-theft purposes. If your bike gets pinched, you can track it down with SPOT’s satellite location service. There are more details on the device here.

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