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Sportbikes vs. truck: Mayhem in Chicago

What’s not clear from the video above is how this incident started. What is clear is, the pickup truck driver was clearly trying to get away from this group of motorcyclists, and when they wouldn’t let him away, he resorted to desperate measures.

It seems the group of sportbike riders was headed to a stunt show, the ninth annual La Carne Azada event. The Chicago Tribune quotes local police as saying they tried to get the sportbike pilots to slow down, but they simply ignored the traffic patrol car “with total disregard,” riding around the car when it tried to stop them at an intersection. The incident with the truck driver started shortly afterwards.

Police say the truck driver changed lanes to get away from the riders, and the aggression started afterwards. One rider punched the drive through his truck window, police say, and was struck back. One thing led to another, and the bikers’ rolling roadblock eventually fell apart as the truck knocked over a parked bike, drove over a church lawn, and sped off, no doubt afraid the riders intended to go all Mad Max on him.

9 thoughts on “Sportbikes vs. truck: Mayhem in Chicago”

  1. If any reasonable person had been driving that truck they would have just plowed through the lot of them, leaving busted bikes and broken riders in their wake. Acting like hooligans gets you no gold medals, only a hospital or prison visit. What were they hoping to achieve? I hope they don’t represent the average IQ level in Chicago, though from looking at their politicians it is the most crooked city in the USA. And they gave us Obama. What more needs to be said?

  2. Like it or not, there’s a common thread to incidents like these in addition to the stunt pack riding, and that’s cage drivers trying to intimidate riders with their vehicles. Many cagers apparently think that it’s “OK” to share a lane with a motorcyclist, or some other form of vehicular intimidation.

    I would really like to see a series of PSAs in the media that (1) we riders are law-abiding taxpayers, (2) the 1% of us who are *ssholes are NOT representative and (3) our vehicles need space on the road to be safe.

    (I’d also like a rainbow unicorn butterfly kitten, and the odds are about the same.)

  3. If it was me, I wouldn’t have waited as long as the guy in the truck did. They would have been run down before they had a chance to block me, and if any would have died I wouldn’t have lost an ounce of sleep.

  4. I can’t help but laugh when I watch lawless bikers suddenly be reminded that they’re fighting a 3 tonne truck. If he’s done something wrong, film it and report it to the police. It’s what they’re there for.

  5. I think the riders may have forgotten they live in The Land of The Second Amendment. “I feared for my life officer. That’s why I fired. You saw the video didn’t you?”.. Case closed .
    Those riders got off lucky

  6. Idiotic actions that speak for them self! When sport bike riders get together like this pack mentality takes over and rational thought goes out the window.Lawlessness has no place in our modern society.
    I am a rider!

  7. Bunch of dinks. Reminds of those guys in NY with the Land Rover driver. Trying to block a car/truck with your motorcycle while your compatriots attempt to assault the driver is first-class Darwin Award level stupidity.

    These idiots make all the rest of us, especially those who ride sport bikes, look bad. And give the cops that much more reason to suspect that all of us will run if they try to pull us over.

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