Banned! No more Moto3 winglets, says GP Commission

Photo: MotoGP

The Grand Prix Commission has banned aerodynamic winglets from Moto3 bikes, effective immediately.

As noted earlier this year, it was literally only a matter of time until winglets were banned. MotoGP’s bigwigs had already met this season and decided they would be illegal starting in 2017, and they had been banned in Moto2.

For some reason, the brain trust has decided to move that schedule forward. Did the tight, cutthroat action of Moto3 require the move for safety reasons, or were needier teams complaining loudly about being priced out of competition? The official line is that “a unanimous proposal from all Manufacturers in the Moto3™ Working Group” was responsible for the move.

At this point, winglets are still legal in the premier MotoGP class. Apparently, the kids can’t be trusted with them, but veterans like Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi are talented enough that they can be trusted not to cause any damage to each other with them. Dangerous technology like this is best left in the hand of professionals who are too hardened to let emotions cloud their on-track judgment.

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