CMG Adventure Rally Calendar 2016

At CMG we love adventure. But thankfully we’re not the only ones and with the rise of the adventure bike genre comes with it the adventure rally. We firmly believe that if you’ve bought yourself an adventure or dual sport bike then you should use it for what it was intended – ride some dirt.

Canada is a wonderland for the adventure bike rider with an endless mass of trails to take you through the woods, test your metal with some friends and put a big fat smile on your face. The trouble is finding out where to go and who to go with. That’s the beauty of the adventure rally – you can just show up and let someone else do all the scouting and planning for you.

That’s why we’ve set up a new section called the 2016 Summer of Adventure. To kick it off we’re launching our calendar of adventure rallies in Canada. In it we’ve listed and written about all the main rallies and gatherings that cater to adventure and dual-sport bikes and are open to all riders and all brands (i.e. no club only events).

If we’ve missed an event that you’re involved in, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll happily get the details from you and add it tout suite. BTW, events that have passed, no longer show on the calendar, so don’t be upset if your past event does not show.

To go to our 2016 calendar, click here and start planning your next adventure. Some events have already sold out, we’ll try and get the 2017 calendar out a little earlier 🙂


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