Revived Erik Buell Racing announces dealership network

After their bankruptcy sale and production reboot, you can now buy an Erik Buell Racing motorcycle again — if you live in the US.

EBR has announced their revived dealer lineup, consisting of 11 partners so far (see the list here). EBR fans in the US are probably relieved to know they still have a pipeline to bikes (and just as importantly, parts), but the network isn’t strong enough to say the company is back in force, yet. Many of the dealers seem to be set up in smaller towns, where business might not be as booming as in a larger urban centre.

We can also guess EBR will not be coming to Canada in the near future. While Canadian expansion was on the table under previous management, that move would cost money, and it’s a safe bet that Liquid Asset Partners (EBR’s new owners) aren’t anxious to sink any more cash into the company than they have to.

However, the signs of life are there. EBR also recently announced a return to racing, with a partnership with Spitlath Racing for the 2016 racing season. As a result, they’ll be at the Isle of Man TT this year, the Chinese Pan Delta series, and possibly the Macau GP (Spitlath has a history there).

5 thoughts on “Revived Erik Buell Racing announces dealership network”

  1. I for one am happy to see this. I never owned one but I kinda like some of the older Buell models. I hope they succeed with a small range of bikes including a dual purpose model, a standard, and an adventure bike. Hey Dual Buell has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

  2. Stick a fork in the think willya ?
    When bikes start rolling into dealers I will believe it, not a moment sooner.

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