Honda extends plant closure after earthquake

A few days back, we told you about Honda’s factory closure following a string of earthquakes in-country. Now, Honda has announced that closure will be extended.

Originally, the manufacturer said they would only close the Kumamoto plant until April 22 (today), hoping to have all the damage fixed by then. After days of repairs, that isn’t realistic, and Honda now says they’re aiming for an April 28 return. At that point, they say they’ll evaluate future production in light of repairs and supply line issues.

Whether this will affect supply of bikes for Canadians is yet to be seen. The Kumamoto plant built several of Honda’s high-end models (Gold Wings, cruisers, superbikes), cranking out 250,000 machines annually.


One thought on “Honda extends plant closure after earthquake”

  1. Tought luck but Honda is becoming rather strange.

    Is the VFR 800F still on the catalog for 2016? How come honda (nor any dealers) don’t have the 2016 on their sites yet?

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