Alpinestars airbag suit not coming to Canada, yet

Reports from the US indicate Alpinestars airbag suits will be available down there this season, but it seems Canadians will have to wait a bit longer.

According to Parts Canada, they discussed bringing the Alpinestars Tech-Air Race system into our country, but it’s not happening for 2016. Alpinestars has to set up an airbag service centre for the North American market, which was supposedly partially to blame.

Although the Tech-Air Race airbag won’t be here this year, Canadian riders will be able to purchase the GP Pro race leathers that are compatible with the system. As far as we know, there’s nothing stopping a Canadian from buying the airbags in the US, or even from Europe (aside from the exchange rate, perhaps).

2 thoughts on “Alpinestars airbag suit not coming to Canada, yet”

  1. Very interesting. I thought the race suits were only available to high level sponsored riders until possibly now? I see more street friendly jackets are available as well. Parts Canada better catch up before they loose all the early sales to people that have been waiting for this.

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