Ontario allows Polaris Slingshot, Campagna T-Rex

It has taken a while, but Ontario riders (or is that drivers?) can now register the Campagna T-Rex and Polaris Slingshot for their province’s roads.

The Polaris Slingshot, and the Campagna T-Rex before it, have stirred up considerable “is it a car or is it a motorcycle” debate, but that’s all been immaterial to Ontarians, since they couldn’t legally register the vehicles on their province’s roads. That rule changed yesterday.

Now, an Ontario resident with a valid class G licence (an automobile licence, not a motorcycle licence), can register a Polaris or Campagna three-wheeler (or similar design) for the road.  You can find dealers for Polaris here, or Campagna here.

8 thoughts on “Ontario allows Polaris Slingshot, Campagna T-Rex”

  1. You still need to wear a helmet, but when you go to get it certified its classified as a car. Confusing, isn’t it ?

    1. Since you need a car licence, I suspect it’s registered as a car, but we have seen very few details so far.

  2. Wow I hope that means I can get a new Morgan Three Wheeler here soon. I have wanted one since Morgan began building them again a few years back.


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