CCM GP450 RS supermoto will be available in Canada

The CCM GP450 supermoto we told you about last fall is coming to Canada.

In case you’ve forgotten, the GP450 is UK manufacturer CCM’s marriage of a BMW-derived 450 single (made in Taiwan) with a modern, high-performance chassis; it’s the legendary mid-displacement adventure bike that everyone claims they want.

Known as the CCM GP450 RS, the supermoto version is very similar to the standard GP450, but with the forks changed out to units from WP, to allow greater clearance for a fatter supermoto front tire. The package includes the standard adventure wheels, and the 17-inch supermoto wheels are included as an accessory. There is also a stainless steel number plate holder, should you fancy taking the bike racing. Other than those tweaks, the basic package remains the same.

MSRP for the GP450 RS is $16,999; along with standard wheels, you get accessory rims and upgraded suspension for that price. More information is available at CCM’s Canadian website here.

8 thoughts on “CCM GP450 RS supermoto will be available in Canada”

  1. I knew it would be on the expensive side but not that expensive. That put it out of my reach unless the lottery fairy can show some pity.

  2. Kind of like the last overpriced CCM; a BSA single in a decent frame, priced way above all competitors, with predictable sales flop.

    1. It`s selling well in Europe and should do quite well in the US but for Canada it might well be a flop and the rather discreet dealers list won`t help.

  3. WHOA, that’s a load of money! According to their website the Adventure is $13.5k, an uprated model with luggage is $16.5k and the supermoto which appears to be the uprated model with an extra set of wheels but no luggage is $500 more.

    A 2016 KTM 690 enduro goes for $12.6k so really the price for these bikes is probably in line.

    To me it illustrates that the costs of manufacturing a smaller displacement model are likely not appreciably different than a larger displacement bike, hence the high prices. Not to mention the lack of scale for CCM when compared to KTM for example.

    If KTM built a 690 adventure I’d probably buy one, but not a CCM 450.

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