Toronto Motorcycle Show this weekend

The manufacturer’s show circus is coming to its final stages with the penultimate show in Toronto this weekend. Located at the Exhibition centre once again, the show will include such attractions as stunts, OPP Golden Helmets, Yamaha Riding Academy and a vast amount of exhibitors, including pretty much all the manufacturers.

There will be a couple of opportunities to actually leave with a bike including a new Triumph Bonneville Street Twin and a Ninja 300, though the later requires ovaries and Friday night admission.

Definitely worth a stop by is Clinton Smout’s riding tips show. For those who do not know Clinton (do such people exist?), he operates the S.M.A.R.T. rider training program in Ontario as well as the Yamaha Riding Academy that operates at all the shows since time immemorial.

I managed to see the show at the recent Moncton Show (that did not get snowed out for once) and was mightily impressed with Clinton riding an FZ900 (I think) while talking via a mic and showing his top five tips to avoiding waking up to eat hospital food. Not only was it very entertaining but it was highly informative too.

Doors open at noon on Friday with $18 entry fee for adults, $12 for seniors, $10 for youth (under 6 is free) or $40 for a family pass (not the Catholic size). More info at

2 thoughts on “Toronto Motorcycle Show this weekend”

  1. I thought that was a good show. Sunday morning was not too busy, I could walk the aisles comfortably, sit on most bikes without waiting. And you could walk the show with a beer in your hand!! That was a surprise. I still don’t understand why the Jan. show is so much busier. I guess lots of people are afraid of paying for parking. Although, at 14 degrees on Sat., riding down was the best option.

  2. What’s the story that goes with the picture? Have they started making bikes without even side-stands now as a weight saving measure?

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