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Video: “Stunt show” blocks highway

This video recently popped up on YouTube, allegedly showing a group of stunt riders who decided to block a busy highway so they could have a stunt show.

If you ever wonder why cagers don’t care about motorcyclists, incidents like this are a good place to start. At best, the non-riding public is ambivalent towards motorcyclists. Start interfering with their routines, and they get crabby. While we don’t see this sort of activity often in Canada, we do see other ways a few bad apples can give us a bad name — in particular, loud pipes.

The anti-noise campaigns that started in cities across Canada in the past few years were often started when citizens were tired of not being able to sleep at night, or when they were tired of being blasted by open pipes in traffic.

Remember, a few minutes of inconsiderate selfishness can undo months of hard work by motorcycle organizations who have everyone’s benefit in mind. And, if you’re going to throw a smoke show, surely there are much better places to do it than a public street? Even from a thug life perspective, how are you gonna outride the fuzz if your rear tire is in shreds?

3 thoughts on “Video: “Stunt show” blocks highway”

  1. Police could cordon off the area and arrest the lot of them, and I would have absolutely zero sympathy. It’s this sort of thing that resulted in a driver being beaten into CCU by meatheads like these, with one of their own number paralysed. This is becoming a far too common sort of event.

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