EICMA: Aprilia RSV4R now available as factory racebike

Do you want a factory racebike? Aprilia’s going to make that possible, sort of.

Aprilia is taking their base RSV4R superbike and making it available with various performance packages to bring it to the level of their WSB-dominating machines. They call it their Factory Works program, and through it, riders should be able to bring their machines to World Superstock- or World Supersport-spec, making over 230 hp.

To put that in perspective, the much-hyped street-legal supercharged Kawasaki H2 only makes 210ish horsepower …

The stock version of the RSV4 is the RSV4-RFW Misano model. There’s very little information about this model, but as for the Factory Works program, read on.

There are four levels to the Factory Works program. The first is the RSV4 R-FW Stock1 MM Race. Rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it?

This version of the bike has their Race Pack (Ohlins suspension, forged rims), ECU and other settings programmed for race use, a simplified cooling system and optional suspension tweaking, race fairings, and Akrapovic exhaust, with engine tuning to match.

The second level is the RSV4 R-FW Stock2 APX Race. It has the same Race Pack and lightweight lithium battery as the first level, as well as special racing electric bits (including FIM Superstock-approved data acquisition and custom ignition and engine control). The Akrapovic exhaust, race fairings and suspension are all optional here as well, and the engine is tuned by Aprilia Racing.

Next, you can order the RSV4 R-FW SBK version. This has the same Race Pack and options as the previous two bikes, as well as an electronic gearbox with shift assist and an engine tuned to SBK levels.

Lastly, Aprilia will also sell you the RSV4-FW WSBK edition. They say this bike is a replica of the machine their official World Superbike team uses, and they will build it to match your budget and ambitions. According to their press release, “It is the best that can be desired and allows one to have a star role in the Superbike world championship.” Wow, if that’s all it takes, sign us up.

Along with these levels of hot-rodding, Aprilia will also provide training to riders purchasing the bikes, to better fit the bike and rider to each other. They say more information will come soon to their website.

It will be interesting to see who takes advantage of this chance to purchase a true race-spec motorcycle. While Honda, Ducati, and others have offered watered-down versions of their race machines over the years, this is a chance to buy a legit WSB-ready machine. It’s not for the faint of heart or light of wallet, but if you’ve got the cojones and the cash, this is an incredible opportunity.


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