Ara and Spirit: The sidecar life

Ara Gureghian isn’t your stereotypical adventure rider. He does own a BMW, but it’s equipped with a sidecar, carrying his dog Spirit.

He’s not a weekend warrior, catching a few easy trails on Saturday and Sunday. He also isn’t a hard-core round-the-world adventurer border-busting his way through the ‘Stans. He travels a lot around the US, but watch the video below and you can see, Ara doesn’t have to leave home for adventure. He lives alone in the desert; you can find out more about him, his dog, and his life at this blog. It’s well worth a visit.

Despite (or maybe because of) his secluded lifestyle, Ara has become a sort of figurehead to many adventure riders, someone they turn to for advice or wisdom about how the world works. That’s the sort of wisdom that is often only learned through tough experiences that only life can teach — lessons he shares below.

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