Mission Motorcycles bankrupt

According to custom bike blogger Cyril Huze, Mission Motorcycles has declared bankruptcy.

Mission Motorcycles’  latest electric superbikes had impressive stats on paper, including a claimed range of 140 miles before their batteries ran out. The company has been involved in various forms of racing, from roadracing to land speed racing, setting records and pioneering much of the battery bike racing scene.

Mission was also said to be heavily involved with the development of the Harley-Davidson Livewire electric prototype.

However, in the last couple years, behind-the-scenes trouble began, and the company’s motorcycles remained unobtainable for consumers, meaning the bankruptcy news is hardly a surprise. It’s also part of a trend; the smaller, original battery bike startups seem to be suffering from money troubles (Brammo, Mission), at the same time as the bigger manufacturers show more interest in electric motorcycles (Harley-Davidson, Victory).

Zero still remains, and Alta Motors seems as if they’re still in the game, but aside from them, there doesn’t seem to be much life from the small guys in the electric motorcycle scene.

Mission’s Facebook page and website have both been taken down.

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  1. Mission Motorcycles (née Mission Motors, AKA Ride Mission LTD…) was like following episodes of Dallas. Lots of drama, bold announcements followed by breakups, lawsuits and rebirth. Mission is the first electric motorcycle brand that deserves to be included on the Insider Zombie list

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