Talking with The Full Ride: Part One

You guys are seriously loaded down. How much of that have you decided is unnecessary?

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Brad head shotBrad

We get asked this a lot, and the answer is “not much”. We have used everything we’ve brought and we are glad to have it. This isn’t a two-week trip and we didn’t want trailers or a support vehicle, and we can’t afford nice panniers … Most of the stuff is in a pile or hanging off the sides of our bikes strapped and bungeed down and looks a bit traveling hobo-ish. Which helps us meet a lot of people – even if they’re only asking “What the hell are YOU three doing?!

Avery StarkeyAvery

Currently, nothing on my bike is unnecessary. We sized down a couple of times; we sent a box or two home or just threw other things away. I’m down to one pair of pants, three pairs of underwear, four pairs of socks and a few shirts. The only thing I have yet to use is my spare front tire. But it is currently acting as our food pantry, so it still has a function.

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