Video: Anti-lanesplitting rider allegedly turns into rager cager

Here’s a road rage story from bizarro world, allegedly involving two separate, but connected, incidents.

The story starts with a motorcyclist in the UK so angry over being passed at a light that he chases a fellow rider all over town and grabs his bike so he can lecture him at length over safety. Thanks, Captain Manners! You can see the video of this incident here. Remember, this part is only allegedly related to the second video seen below.

The second video supposedly shows the same angry rider. but this time he’s driving a tow truck instead of a KTM. Whoever the driver is, he appears to harbour a deep-seated resentment towards lane-splitting/filtering, as he crushes a bike that overtakes him.

Supposedly, the truck driver escaped criminal charges for the incident, and only received traffic citations and fines.

It’s entirely possible these videos are unrelated, and simply linked by a YouTuber with an axe to grind — from here in Canada, it’s hard to know, because we certainly understand that not everything seen on the Internet is true. But even if they aren’t related, they go to show the uphill battle we’ll have spreading the lanesplitting gospel across North America. Not only are cagers unhappy with the practice, but a lot of riders are scared of the idea as well.

9 thoughts on “Video: Anti-lanesplitting rider allegedly turns into rager cager”

  1. The driver fired and got fined 500 pounds plus some points on lic . The dumbass thing is people Threaten the company. Look I m trucker and unless I own the rig you shouldn’t be venting , threaten to fire boom etc . hack threre web site . People like the driver have AIDS. . Asshol# in denial sysdrum . There’s no way to teach them anything and he ll blame everyone but himself. Sadly he should have lost his class one lic but didn’t .

  2. I lane split often when in Europe, when done smartly it is the far safer way to go. But then there drivers tend to actually pay attention so there’s that.

  3. I’m not a lanesplitting advocate, but neither am I an opponent to the possibility of it becoming legal. I just don’t do it.

    From where I sit that’s clearly ‘assault with a deadly’ and should have been pursued as such.

  4. Having driven a lot in the UK. Filtering / lane splitting is done extensively and safely. In fact it is the reason many ride bikes in the first place. So they don’t have to get stuck in traffic.

    1. I don’t lane split. I don’t advocate the practice in Canada, but I don’t argue against the possibility of it becoming legal either. Looking at that video, I would call it assault with intent. The driver should not have ‘escaped criminal charges’ as it was a purposeful act, committed with a deadly weapon.

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