Fundy Adventure Rally in the media

Remember the Fundy Adventure Rally, that 500-km rip through NB dirt that first took place last fall, and runs once more this September?

In case you’ve forgotten about our weekend romp through gravel and mud, you can read the Toronto Star’s report on the 2014 rally here, courtesy of mad typist Mark Richardson, who managed to tear himself away from the opulence of car journalism for the FAR, and seems a better man for it.

We also have a write up in the latest issue of Traction e-Rag magazine. Okay, it was written by Rallymaster/Editor ‘Arris, but it gives you a quick glimpse into how the rally was conceived and set up. You can see the latest issue of e-Rag here (and if you like what you see, we recommend that you subscribe to it to – it’s free).

If these reports inspires you to ride your adventure bike somewhere beside the local Starbucks, you can sign up for the rally here – there’s still room for the 2015 event, and you’re even still eligible for the early bird discount.

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