Team Hero EBR leaves World Superbike

In the wake of Erik Buell Racing’s closure, Team Hero EBR (Pegram Racing) is pulling out of World Superbike competition.

According to World Superbike the move comes as a result of “reprioritizing of efforts by title sponsor Hero.” After the news of EBR’s move towards bakruptcy protection, plenty of Buell fanboys have been blaming Hero (owner of a huge stake in EBR) for the closure, rightly or wrongly. This move is probably not going to make them any happier with the Indian manufacturer.

“This is a really hard pill for us all at Pegram Racing to swallow, as we always live by the philosophy of Never Give Up,” said Team Hero EBR owner Larry Pegram. “One thing for sure Pegram Racing will be back and it will be sooner than you think.”

It remains to be seen how that comeback will happen. In his announcement, Pegram recognized the EBR employees who lost their jobs earlier this month. It’s unrealistic to expect an EBR presence on the track before the factory gets back into business, and nobody has any idea when that will happen.

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