New app helps riders track stolen motorcycles

A Swiss-based company has developed an app that lets riders help each other track stolen motorcycles.

The app, put together by Vista Development, lets a motorcyclist report his stolen bike to members within a radius of 2 to 100 miles. The app lets the rider give other users the location the bike was stolen, as well as provide a description or even a photo.

If another user spots the motorcycle, they press a button on screen indicating they’ve seen a stolen bike. The owner then gets a message providing the GPS coordinates of the bike, with an option to add a description or photo. They can then go to the police with this information to recover their bike, or use other means. Presumably, those means are discouraged.

There are already Facebook sites set up to do this sort of thing; however, the app allows users to help each other out anonymously.

You can find out more details on the app at their website here. It’s available for both Android and iPhones. There’s a charge to use the service, it seems, but it could be quite handy if used in an urban centre.

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