2014 CFMOTO 650NK

CF Moto to sell motorcycles in Canada


Chinese manufacturer CF Moto has sold ATVs in Canada for a while now, but they’re also going to bring motorcycles into the country, starting this year.

For 2014, the plan is to bring two bikes into the country. They’re going to sell the 650NK naked bike, and the 650TK sport tourer. Both bikes are built around an eight-valve, DOHC, liquid-cooled 649 cc parallel twin, with EFI. It’s supposed to make 60 hp at 9000 rpm, and 56 Nm of torque at 7000 rpm. The motor has a six-speed transmission.

The 650NK looks like its designers got some inspiration from the Japanese competition. However, visually, the bike is arguably more attractive than similar models from Japan.  It has a 17-litre fuel capacity, a 203-kg curb weight, and a 790 mm seat height. It’s supposed to be available in black, black and white, orange and blue paint.

Styling isn't bad on the 650NK.
Styling isn’t bad on the 650NK.

The 650NK has 17-inch wheels front and rear, dual disc brakes up front and a single disc in rear, and a 120/70 R17 tire in front. Rear tire size is 160/60 R17. Wheelbase is 1415 mm.

While the bike is made in China, some key parts are outsourced to other manufacturers; the ECU is Ducati-made, the EFI is from Marelli, and the front and rear suspension comes from KYB Japan. Bearings are from NTN/NSK, and piston rings are from TO Goetze.

The 650TK has hard bags and a full fairing.
The 650TK has hard bags and a full fairing.

The 650TK also has styling that’s pretty similar to some of the competition; it has a full fairing, and integrated hard sidebags. It has a 17.5-litre tank, and weighs 220 kg at the curb. It will be available in grey, black, white and red. It rolls on 17-inch wheels, same as the 650NK, with 120/70 R17 rubber up front, and a 160/60 R17 tire in rear.

Seat height is 795 mm, and the wheelbase is 1415 mm. Like the 650NK, it has a Ducati ECU, Marelli EFI, NTN/NSK bearings and TO Goetze piston rings. Front and rear suspension is from KYB.

The 650TK and 650NK should be available in dealerships this spring.

While CF Moto’s bikes are new to the Canadian market, they’ve been imported into Australia and the UK and other developed markets for several years. Recently, a pair of travelers set a record for the longest journey inside a country by riding around inside China for weeks on a pair of 650TKs.


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2014 CFMOTO 650NK
2014 CFMoto 650TK 3

The 650TK has hard bags and a full fairing.

2014 CFMoto 650NK 3
2014 CFMoto 650NK 4

Styling isn't bad on the 650NK.

2014 CFMoto 650NK 5
2014 CFMoto 650TK
2014 CFMoto 650TK 2
2014 CFMOTO 650NKThe 650TK has hard bags and a full fairing.2014 CFMoto 650NK 3Styling isn't bad on the 650NK.2014 CFMoto 650NK 52014 CFMoto 650TK2014 CFMoto 650TK 2


11 thoughts on “CF Moto to sell motorcycles in Canada”

  1. I believe the Hyosung neked retails for about $1000.00 less. I owned one and it was a great bike for what it is. Just had to upgrade the brakes with better pads. Sold it to get a Harley XR1200. [ heavy but fun ] I would like to see a comparison of the two and throw in the Kawi ER6n and the for good measure! Hey Zack possibly CFMOTO will give ya a long term loaner.

    1. Could be an interesting long-termer for sure, but smaller companies like CFMoto often do not have the budget necessary. Some of the Big Four aren’t even doing them anymore …

  2. The 650TK also has styling that’s pretty similar to some of the competition

    Which competition are you thinking of in the 600-700cc sport touring segment?

  3. “The 650TK also has styling that’s pretty similar to some of the competition”

    Which competition are you thinking of in the 600-700cc sport touring segment?

    1. Yes, I was quite impressed by them. Trouble is I’m not sure they have set the pricing right for a new bike from China, and of course, they’ll have to battle the Chinese poor reputation for quality, but it’s looking promising.

      1. If CF moto is an actual manufacturer, and building a brand name, that is a good thing. They know that poor quality will come back to bite them and stick to their brand name. But yeah, they’re really going to have to undercut comparable Japanese or European bikes by a considerable margin. I’m surprised they didn’t decide to throw their hat into the 125-250cc ring – a decent 250 that doesn’t cost nearly as much as a 650 would be quite attractive to a bunch of people, I think. Well, I wish them luck – they’ll need a little to succeed in the North American and Euro markets as a new brand.

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