EICMA: The return of Brough Superior

Here's the new Brough Superior SS100, brought out on the 90th anniversary of Brough Superior's most famous model.
Here’s the new Brough Superior SS100, brought out on the 90th anniversary of Brough Superior’s most famous model.

Yeah, we’re getting a little tired of this story: Some kajillionaire with more money than brains buys a long-extinct motorcycle marque, builds a few flashy prototypes, then disappears. But we’ve gotta say, this new Brough Superior SS100 has certainly caught our attention.

Check it out - four disc in front!
Check it out – four discs in front!

This bike was actually put together by Boxer Designs and tuning firm Akira, and they’ve done a great job of mixing new technology with old-fashioned styling cues – just check out that gas tank for proof. There’s a girder front fork, air-and-oil-cooled 998 cc V-twin motor, making 140 hp and 92 ft-lb of torque.

The trellis frame is made from steel and titanium. There’s actually four 230 mm brake discs up front (look closely!) made of some aluminum/ceramic composite that’s supposed to reduce unsprung weight, and probably cost as much to replace as your first used UJM you learned to ride on.

What else? There’s an LED headlight, 18-inch wheels, and a promise that the machine will cost under 100,000 Euros when it hits the market – not that that does much for the average buyer.


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8 thoughts on “EICMA: The return of Brough Superior”

  1. Yeah this resurrect a lengendary marque schtick has been done to death. Who are they trying to kid by slapping that name all over one of Paul junior’s wet dreams.

    1. I don’t speak Japanese.

      But, if ‘Shinya Kimura’ is Jap for
      “Ugly ass piece of shit”, then I agree.

      What an utter and complete disgrace
      this bike is. Other than you, I agree
      with the rest here.

      And, Costa? You are correct. I really
      should give Mr. Leno more credit.

  2. What a POS!

    “Brough Idiotic” is more like it.
    When Jay Leno or some other
    rich clown buys one of these, we
    shall never hear the end of it.

    This is ugly with a capital ‘Ug’.

    1. Yup, what a misuse of a legendary brand name. Planning to offer it for less than 100,000 Euro. I think even Leno will stay away from this one. He understands the pedigree of the machines he buys. This one has none.

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