EICMA update: Honda’s new CTX1300

Do you feel the need, the need to speed cruise? Honda’s hoping there’s a few people in that position, with new additions to their CTX lineup.

Looks a bit like the F6B only with fewer pots.
Looks a bit like the F6B only with fewer pots.

First off, there’s the all-new CTX1300T. A natural progression in the CTX lineup (we rode them last summer), Honda says the new 1300 is a “new style touring cruiser featuring a soulful V4 power unit and advanced technology.” This ain’t your Grandpa’s air-cooled V-twin.

Good to see the ST motor being re-used.
Good to see the ST motor being re-used.

The liquid-cooled eight-valve V4 motor, of course, has been transplanted from the ST1300; Honda retuned the motor for relaxed riding (with emphasis on low and mid-range torque). Gearing is taller, and the 4-2-2 exhaust is supposed to give a cruiser-ish rumble, instead of a sport-tourer whine. The bike has a shaft drive and five-speed gearbox. It puts out around 83 hp at 6000 rpm and 109 Nm of torque at 4500 rpm. Electronic traction control helps you keep the rubber side down.

This bike is aimed at the luxury touring market, with heated grips as standard, as well as a twin-speaker stereo system (which is Bluetooth-compatible, making it easy to connect an MP3 player and also allows the use of helmet headsets, rider to pillion or bike-to-bike). The speedo and tach are analogue, but the other displays are digital. The headlights, taillights and indicators (self-canceling) are all LED units.

Looks like it'll make a reasonable tourer though you may need that taller screen option
Looks like it’ll make a reasonable tourer though you may need that taller screen option

The CTX1300 has a steel double-cradle frame, with 41 mm USD forks up front and aluminum swingarm. There’s twin shocks in back; they’re adjustable for preload. Seat height is 735 mm, and there’s a 19.5-liter fuel tank under the seat. You should get a 350-km range, if you see the claimed 17.2 km/l fuel economy. The bike has a 1645 mm wheelbase and 338 kg curb weight. A 600-watt alternator means you can power all sorts of gizmos while you’re on the road.

Wheels are 18-inch in front (with 130/70 R18 tire) and 17-inch in rear (with 200/50R17 tire). There’s dual 310mm discs up front, with three-piston calipers, and a single 316 mm disc in back, also with three-piston caliper. The bike has Combined ABS braking.

Bags are detachable and when on the bike are no wider than the mirrors
Bags are detachable and when on the bike are no wider than the mirrors

What about handling? Honda says  the new bike “is poised neatly between the laid back feel of a pure cruiser and the functionality of a touring bike, imparting around-town usability with the ability to deal comfortably and luxuriously with long-range weekend trips.” 

Worried about someone hotwiring your new sweet ride and stealing it? The CTX1300 has the Honda Ignition Security System, with ID chip embedded in the key and in the ECU system. If they don’t match, the bike won’t start.

And here’s one more view …

The bike comes stock with a short windscreen that probably doesn’t do much good (of course, a taller windscreen is available at extra expense).

Buyers wanting to tart up their ride can spring for all sorts of chrome add-ons, a top box, fog lights, and other odds and ends from Honda. It’ll be available in black, white and red, but we don’t know which of those colours will make it to Canada, or when, or at what price. There’s also a standard version that is sans sound system and traction control, but that won’t be coming to Canada from what we can tell.

Honda also officially introduced their CTX700N and CTX700N at EICMA for the Europeans, but those have been on the North American market for a while already.


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V4 90° water-cooled DOHC (Euro 3)



Bore x Stroke

78mm x 66mm

Compression Ratio

10.0 : 1

Max. Power Output

83HP, 62kW @ 6000rpm

Max. Torque

106Nm @ 4,500rpm

Oil Capacity






Fuel Tank Capacity


Fuel Consumption

17.2km/l (WMTC)





Battery Capacity


ACG Output




Clutch Type

Wet hydraulic multi-plate

Transmission Type

5 speed manual

Final Drive





Double cradle split down-tube



Dimensions (L´W´H)

2380mm x 940mm x 1170mm



Caster Angle

28° 30′



Seat Height


Ground Clearance


Kerb Weight




Type Front

43mm inverted front fork (USD)

Type Rear

Aluminium swingarm with double conventional shocks with mechanical preload adjustment



Type Front

18″ cast aluminium

Type Rear

17″ cast aluminium

Rim Size Front

18 X MT3.50

Rim Size Rear

17 X MT6.25

Tires Front


Tires Rear




ABS System Type

Combined ABS

Type Front

Twin 310mm disks

Type Rear

Single 316mm disk




Analogue speedo and tacho with LCD digital display including odometer, trip meter, fuel consumption, engine temperature and clock

Security System



LED 4 lights




Audio system with Bluetooth connectivity

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  1. Does anyone out there know if this is the replacement for the ST1300? I read somewhere that a bike that’ll replace the ST called the “V6ST” is coming out next year. Thank you.

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