MotoGP gossip: Spies says he’ll return, Abraham out for year

Ben Spies' Yamaha spectacularly blows up at Laguna Seca last year. Spies has had a streak of bad luck that's run for years. Photo: MotoGP
Ben Spies’ Yamaha spectacularly blows up last year. Spies has had a streak of bad luck that’s run for years. Photo: MotoGP

Here’s a quick update from MotoGP.

Oft-injured Pramac Ducati rider Ben Spies says he plans to return to MotoGP next year. There have been rumors circulating that the fragile American rider would not have a GP ride next year, despite having a contract in place. Currently, he’s sitting on the sidelines with a Class 5 separated left shoulder.

Spies has only managed to get in two races this season, which has caused all sort of tongue-wagging. But, he told MotoGP.com he’s set to return next year, just as soon as he’s done mending. Over and over through the interview, he stressed the importance of being 100 per cent healthy before he returned.

In other news, injuries have taken Karel Abraham out of the mix for the rest of this year. Like Spies, Abraham injured his left shoulder at Indianapolis; he tweaked a few ligaments in the shoulder, and will need surgery. Now, his Cardion AB Motoracing CRT team is looking for a replacement rider for the season’s last five races.

6 thoughts on “MotoGP gossip: Spies says he’ll return, Abraham out for year”

      1. I was tempted to point out that while Spies is riding about three races a year and complaining about not being 100 per cent, Lorenzo and Rossi et al are out there winning races while spliced together with more steel and titanium than Robocop.

        1. Breaks are kindergarten compared to snapping ligaments and having cadaver tissue used to reconstruct various connective tissues in the shoulder. Having lived through a serious A/C separation some 25 years ago, I can assure you that the agony of moving and weakness linger for 3~6 months. Expecting Ben to ‘man up and deal with it’ would be completely unrealistic.

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