BMW models get new options

The R1200GS sees some changes to its options for 2014.
The R1200GS sees some changes to its options for 2014.

BMW is updating their 2014 lineup with some new paint (the G650 GS, R1200GS, C650 GT, C600 Sport, F800 R, R1200 R, K1600 GTL and K1600 GT got a facelift) but also some changes in the options available for certain bikes.

Likely the biggest change is to the K1600 GT, which will be available for 2014 as a special Sport model, with two-colour orange and black paint, and re-designed windshield and seat.

The R1200GS will come with “Rain” and “Road” engine management modes as standard, along with Automatic Stability Control. You can spend some extra money and get an optional “Pro” package, which includes “Dynamic,” “Enduro” and “Enduro Pro” riding modes, and harmonized ABS and stability control as an extra. Dynamic ESA (electronic suspension adjustment) can also be ordered separately from the riding modes, and the existing five riding modes aren’t available as an optional extra anymore.

The “Dynamic Performance,” “Comfort” and “Touring” packages have all been changed, and all options except for the onboard Pro computer can be ordered separately. A steering damper is now included as standard equipment

The F800 GS also sees some changes; the “Safety” package has been replaced by the “Dynamic Performance” package, with ESA, stability control, and an off-road mode for ABS and stability control. Stability control is only available as part of this package. The “Dynamic Performance” package cannot be combined with lower suspension.





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  1. Now that’s interesting: They say “A steering damper is now included as standard equipment” on the new R1200GS. Perhaps this has something to do with the reports of bad tankslappers on the new wasserboxer?

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