Honda updates Riding Trainer

honda riding trainer 3
Learn to use a clutch, throttle and brakes, while dodging traffic with Honda’s updated Rider Training.

Honda has updated their Riding Trainer system to simulate some new motorcycles, and new motorcycle systems.

The Riding Trainer is Honda’s way of teaching new riders how motorcycle controls work, giving them a feel for braking, throttle, and clutching. It also teaches other aspects of motorcycle safety, such as how to safely navigate traffic. It looks sort of like an exercise bike that you don’t pedal.

New for this year, the Riding Trainer can simulate engine noise and cockpit view of 15 Honda models. Now they have software that replicates PCX scooters, the CBR250R, and even the new CB1100. The updated Riding Trainer (the units have been in use since 2005) also simulates ABS and combined braking systems now. As more and more new models come with ABS as standard, a move like this makes good sense.

There are around 5,000 of these units in use in 53 countries around the world, Honda says.

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