New iPhone case for motorcyclists

twisty ride case
The iPhone case from Twisty Ride lets you take advantage of your smartphone’s capability while on the bike, even in foul weather.Twis

So you want to use your iPhone while you’re riding? Then you should check out the new waterproof iPhone case from Twisty Ride.

Of course, you shouldn’t send text messages while you’re riding – that would be stupid. No, the advantage of a case like this is that it lets you use your phone as a navigator. It also makes it easier to use apps like the Diablo Super Biker, that measure your performance.

And, if you get an important call, especially if you’re using a Bluetooth communication system, it saves you from having to dig around in your pockets, to pull your phone out on the side of the road.

Twisty Ride recommends you use the case in conjunction with a RAM mount. The case has a waterproof opening for charging, external volume controls and menu button, and the touch screen is fully functional.

Curious? You can find more details on the case at their website here.

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