KTM working on 250 cc sportbike

KTM rc250r moto3
Of course, KTM already builds a 250 cc track bike. The RC250R took the Moto3 championship in 2012. The new street-based quarter-litre will be more of a beginner bike, according to reports.

Kawasaki did it. Honda did it. Suzuki’s doing it this year. Now KTM is doing it again.

In the last few years, a lot of the industry buzz has been about new motorcycles being developed in the 250 cc segment. The Japanese firms are all bringing new stuff to market, but most European companies have been slow to get on board with this program … except for KTM. First, they built the Duke 200, and now they’re working on a 250 cc sportbike, reports say.

Although, it’s not going to be a made-in-Europe solution. Like the Duke 200, the new quarter-litre crotch rocket will be built in India, with KTM partner Bajaj. According to the Indiancarsbikes.in website, this bike (they’re calling it the RC25) is going to be aimed at taking on the Japanese competition in the international market. The bike should be released in early 2014.

While KTM already has a small-displacement bike aimed at international markets (the Duke 390), that machine has enough performance to interest experienced riders. According to the report, that’s not the plan for the new 250 cc sportbike – it’ll be aimed at beginners.

Will it come to Canada? As usual, that’s a risk vs. reward proposition. If enough buyers line up to purchase the machine, it’ll be worth it for KTM to undergo all the hassle and expense of government testing. If not, you’ll just have to enviously eye the machines as they rip up the tarmac around the rest of the globe.


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  1. I have to admit I kinf of cheer for KTM. Aside from the Davey & Goliath (I don’t remember the correct names so 1970’s claymation will have to do) aspect I think I’ve developed some brand loyalty. I’ve owned a 300exc, a 950 Adventure and now a 990 SMT. I’ve NEVER had a bad dealer experience nor been let down by the bike, except for battery issues on the 950. The riding experience is always invigorating and the cost of ownership is relatively low. I likely will go out and buy (another) one of their dirt bikes in the near future too or I may wait for the free ride 350.

    So I say ………..YAY FOR KTM!

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