CMG at IMSS this weekend

Editor ‘Arris gets all shanty-shanty in the CMG booth back in 2003. Has it really been that long?

I don’t know how long it’s been since CMG actually had a booth at a show, but we’re putting our toes back into the show waters this year, kicking off with a booth at this weekend’s International Motorcycle Supershow.

Located somewhere in Hall 3, CMG will be going retro with Editor ‘Arris being joined by Mr Seck on Friday morning and the whole of Saturday, as we celebrate the return of his Seckness to not only Canada, but the pages of CMG as well.

‘Arris will be there for most of the weekend, so if you have any questions about CMG, the upcoming Mad Bastard Scooter Rally or feel the overriding need to drop off a bottle of Scotch, please do drop by.

If all goes to plan, and there is some energy left by Sunday evening, then we hope to host a pub night likely somewhere near the Fairview Mall (401 and DVP). Please let us know here (comments) if you’re interested in attending or indeed have any suggestions for a suitable pub.

Right, better go and pack.

8 thoughts on “CMG at IMSS this weekend”

  1. A pleasant surprise that Mr Seck has returned safe and sound. Hopefully he will share his talents here once again.
    For the newcomers here …Please don’t shake his hand to hard , he is brittle and used to be the poster boy for “Then things went ‘orribly CMG “

  2. “…we’re putting our toes back into the show waters this year, kicking off with a booth at this weekend’s International Motorcycle Supershow.”

    Does this mean we’ll be seeing you on the Best Coast?

    1. Sadly no, though if the east coast shows work well this year then I think it might be wise to hit the west coast in 2014. Besides, it been too long since we shared a beer your Blackness.

  3. Try Willie Stouts. S/E corner of Consumer’s and Sheppard. Halfway between Vic Park and 404.
    Used to be a Firkin pub. Hasn’t really changed. Pub fayre and import beer and whiskey.
    Due to overwhelming demand, the role of gpfan shall be played by an empty chair.

    There is also an English-style pub at the N/E corner of Vic Park and Consumers. A dash north
    of the 401, or south of Sheppard. Next to the Tim’s. Years ago, this was the Scarborough or
    Toronto Saturday night meeting place for hot rods or muscle cars. Sunday night was at the
    Micky Dee’s at Warden and Shep.

    1. Thanks Andy, I’ll take a look at them. I try and find pubs near to the subway though just so people have the option to TTC it home if they want to have a few!

      1. That looks close enough to transport. Anyone else interested ion coming along? Likely be there around 8 for a couple of hours.

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