Battery bike does 3500 miles in six days

Terry Hershner, in California with his modified Zero. The dude gets around … Photo: Facebook

Everyone thinks electric motorcycles are limited by their range, but one battery bike owner set out to prove them wrong.

Terry Hershner, the rider, took his 2012 Zero S and modified it with three Delta Q QuiQ chargers, two Elcon PFC 2500 chargers and a J 1772 car charging port. The modifications allowed him to reduce his charging time from about eight hours to around 45 minutes. Hershner would ride for 45 minutes, then charge for 45 minutes.

Using this method, he managed to get his bike from Florida to West Texas, putting down 3500 miles along the way. It only took him six days – not bad for a technology that’s often criticized for its limitations.

You can visit Facebook to read a bit more about Hershner, his love for e-bikes, and his future plans. He’s hoping to set a record for a coast-to-coast electric bike run, leaving from Santa Cruz, CA, at the end of the month.

5 thoughts on “Battery bike does 3500 miles in six days”

  1. So he rides for 45 minutes, then stops for 45 minutes – this is progress ? Six days to accomplish what could be done by a fossil fueled vehicle in 4 days tops ? Sorry, electrics aren’t there yet IMHO…

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