Stacey Nesbitt wraps up Qatar

What’s next for Nesbitt? Is she going to race bigger bikes in Canada, or is she going to try to find another 250 cc ride in another country? Photo: Statoni Racing

Canadian quarter-litre racer Stacey Nesbitt will be back home in Canada soon after racing in Qatar.

We told you about Nesbitt’s appearance in the Asia Dream Cup on Friday; her two races took place on Saturday. She took a 13th place in the first race, and an 11th place in the second.

Nesbitt had a rough start in Race 1, but improved things quite a bit in her second appearance, just missing the top 10 and improving her lap time by a second.

The question now is, what’s Nesbitt going to do next? She messed around with a supersport motorcycle in the 2012 season, racing in some novice class races, while she also ran in the CSBK’s CBR250R Challenge. It’s our understanding that she isn’t eligible to return to the CBR250R series next year; does that mean we’re going to see her racing larger machines here in Canada, or is she going to stick to 250s, trying to get a ride in a different series, such as the Asia Dream Cup?

One thought on “Stacey Nesbitt wraps up Qatar”

  1. Wherever she ends up, she needs to be racing internationally; otherwise, she’ll just be dealing with frost-heave tracks with gopher berms.

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