EICMA 2012: Bimota unveils BB2 concept

The Bimota BB2 was designed in conjunction with sak_art design. Photo: sak_art design

Earlier this week, BMW announced they’d made a deal with Bimota to let them use the S1000 RR motor in a new bike. Here’s a look at that concept, the BB2.

The 80s meet the 90s with this headlight design, combining the old-school square look with the tandem, round lights of the old GSX-R750s. Photo: sak_art design

The styling (square headlight, late 80s/early 90s bodywork) is retro, but the machine should be anything but. Bimota’s been improving on other manufacturer’s machines for decades now; the S1000 RR is one of the world’s top superbikes in stock form. You can bet this machine will be even better.

It’s just a concept for now anyway, so there’s no spec sheet, but it’s a sharp-looking bike that hints that maybe, just maybe, our superbike future is going to look backward.


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